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Fall 2021 Membership Meetings
**Please note all meetings will be held via Zoom link provided by MALCA**

You will receive the zoom link or conference call number when you RSVP for each event

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MALCserves Memphis and Shelby County areas  

August 4, 2021 Grand Rounds... ”1.0 E CERP Opportunity”

8:00am “Ethical Issues in Human Milk Exchange” -Dr. Naomi Bar-Yarn, PhD, ACSW

August 19, 2021... *1.0 CERP Opportunity*

12pm-“Mother Food- Food and Herbs that Promote Milk Production & Mother's Health”--Hilary Jacobson, CH.HU.SI.

September 9, 2021... *1.0 CERP Opportunity”

12pm- “Moving Milk: Hand Expression, Breast Massage, & Relief of Engorgement”-- Christine Staricka, BS, IBCLC, RLC, CCE

September 23, 2021... *1.0 CERP Opportunity*

12pm- “Nutrition & Restrictive Diets during Lactation”-- Meghan McMillin MS, RDN, CSP, IBCLC

October 7, 2021... "1.0 CERP Opportunity"

12pm- “Teens and Breastfeeding" --Nancy Williams, MA, MFT, CCE, IBCLC

October 21, 2021... *1.0 CERP Opportunity”

12pm- “TOTS-Tethered Oral Tissues and the Breastfeeding Baby” -Rue Khosa, ARNP, IBCLC

November 4, 2021... *1.0 CERP Opportunity*

12pm- “Mother's Milk Bank of Tennessee Update”- Helen Scott, RN, IBCLC, RLC

November 16, 2021... *1.0 CERP Opportunity”

12pm- “Teaching Infant Facial Massage to Parents to Support a Functional Latch”-Michelle Emanuel, OTR/L, CIMI, CST, NBCR, RYT200

December 2, 2021... *1.0 CERP Opportunity*

12pm- “Tennessee Breastfeeding Coalition Update 2021”--Tiana Pyles, MHA, CLC

December 17, 2021... *1.0 CERP Opportunity* Journal Club

12pm — “Human Milk as Chrononutrition: Implications for Child Health & Development”- Ruth Munday, BSN, RN-BC, IBCLC

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