Spring 2024 Membership Meetings

​​Memphis Area Lactation Consultant Association

January 23, 2024… *1.0 CERP * (virtual)
12:00am-1:00pm    Speaker:  Kristie Davis, RN, IBCLC
New Therapies for Postpartum Depression for the Breastfeeding Mother
February 14, 2024...*1.0 CERP* (virtual)
12:00pm-1:00pm        Speaker:  Allison Stiles, MD, IBCLC
Journal club topic:  Myo-inositol in Human Milk and its Benefit for Brain Development
Journal article will be sent prior to meeting. 
February 22, 2024… *1.0 CERP* (virtual)
12:00pm-1:00pm        Speaker:  Lindsay Walsh, MS, RD, LDN
Journal club topic:  Keto diet and Breastfeeding
Journal article will be sent prior to meeting
March 28, 2024… *1.0 CERP*- (virtual)
12:00pm-1:00pm        Speaker:  Stephanie Barthol
Do Breastfed Babies Have Schedules?
April 2, 2024… *1.0 CERP – (virtual)
12:00pm- 1:00pm       Speaker: Genae Strong, PhD, APN, CNM, RNC-OB, IBCLC, RLC, CNE
Do No Harm:  Professionalism, Passions, Profit in the Field of Lactation
April 9, 2024… *1.0 CERP*- (virtual)
12:00pm-1:00pm        Speaker:  Ginny Swindoll, SLP
Tongue Ties:  Breastfeeding and Beyond, A Speech Pathologist/ Feeding Therapist Perspective
May 2, 2024…*1.0 CERP* (virtual)
12:00pm -1:00pm       Speaker:  Jana Woodruff, MSN, RD
Bariatric Surgeries Impact on Pregnancy & Breastfeeding
May 23, 2024, … *1.0 CERP (virtual)
12:00pm- 1:00pm       Speaker:  Jenny Russell, MSN, IBCLC, NHDP-BC
Going Viral.  Is That a Good Thing?