Sen. Kelly Ayontte (R-NH) introduced a bill that would protect the rights of parents to bring breastmilk on airplanes. 

September 8, 2016

IBLCE Exam Schedule

Key Dates
 Application due November 15, 2016
 Exam April 3, 2017
 Exam results July 1, 2017
 Application due May 15, 2017
 CERP renewal September 30, 2017
 Exam October 2, 2017
 Exam results January 1, 2017


National Action Partnership to Promote Safe Sleep Include Breastfeeding as a Way to Prevent SUID. 

The NAPPSS is working on a series of six modules to guide health care/public health people in having conversations with expectant and new parents, day care providers, etc., about safe sleep.  They are beginning to tout the "benefits" of breastfeeding as the norm in infant feeding and not that breastfeeding creates risk.  Language in the materials is being changed accordingly!  If you look at the photos available in the photo gallery, you will also note breastfeeding-friendly taglines on many of the photos.  The gaps between "the breastfeeding people" and "the safe sleep" people are being closed as people talk about safe sleep, breastfeeding (and smoking) all at the same time.

Summer Study Update-

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support, well wishes, and prayers as the Tennessee Senate Health and Welfare Committee took the Lactation Consultant Practice Act  into Summer Study.

You may view the October 18, 2016 meeting by clicking here

The March of Dimes was beneficial in assisting with our contact to Dr. Devoe for his testimony and most valued support of this bill.  He had written to all members of the Senate Government Operations Committee during the Spring session.

Joni Rose made a difference in the diversity of the interest in this bill being passed for many professionals and our Tennessee Families.

As you will observe, the Senators that asked questions about this bill, primarily our practice, were thinking about the impact of this licensure on their constituents as well as the state public health concerns of prevention.

I had taken time to visit with Senator Janice Bowling (of the Senate Government Operations Committee) in her District a few weeks ago to clarify our desire/need to make this happen.  By personalizing the need of her counties, she began to see that this bill should enhance the numbers of providers to meet their needs.  She had informed me that 3 of the hospitals in her district were planning to, or had already, stopped labor and delivery services in their facilities.  If these families have to travel for prenatal care, where is their local support for breastfeeding going to meet their needs?

Senator Bowling asked to participate in this meeting of the Senate to be able to ask questions, once again.  She publicly thanked me for my endeavor to visit with her outside of her busy schedule during session.

Senator Massey will enter this bill again in the 2017 Assembly.  We will have to have another number assigned to it.  At this time, I see that it will be a clear bill, that includes the amendments that were added last session.  This should make it quite evident that this action, in no way limits the practice and help of anyone as long as they do not use the term “Licensed Lactation Consultant” and remain in their scope of practice.  There will be no regulations except for the “LLC” as we begin to establish this profession in the highest regard.

I encourage each of you to reach out to your Senators and Representatives, even our Governor, to introduce yourself NOW. Call to make an appointment with them while they are in their home district office, or email/write. Let them know you, as a constituent and support for this bill.

Let them know how they should help with the passage of this bill ( You may use SB 1978 as a reference as you open discussion.) Assurance that Senator Becky Massey – Knoxville, will be sponsoring the bill and we would like for them to sign on in support.

A Representative has not been asked, at the date of this letter, to Co-sponsor in the house.  I will announce that as soon as possible.  OR ask if they would like to sponsor/cosponsor this bill with Sen. Massey.  PLEASE email Sen. Massey to thank her for her work on our professional growth.

Go to the United States Lactation Consultant Association and read the information that substantiates this drive.  We could be the third state to be licensed.

Please extend this letter of appreciation to those who have helped beyond our expectations.
Thank You,

Pat Steimer RN, IBCLC, RLC

Knoxville, TN


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